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Have you ever had a sudden and a severe pain in your teeth when you are just about to go to sleep? The first question that would come to your mind would be “where would I find an emergency dental office in the Farmers Branch TX that is open at this hour of night?” well, don’t worry, because at Cowboys Dental TX, we understand that a dental emergency can develop at any time or place, and how agonizing and painful dental pain can be! Therefore, we provide emergency dental treatment to our patients up to 10pm, so that you don’t have to wait till the morning to seek treatment.

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Emergency Dentist Farmers Branch services at the Cowboys Dental TX

• Root Canal Treatment – sometimes, underlying dental infections can flare up suddenly, resulting in an unbearable pain as well as severe swelling. In these cases, the dentist has to perform an emergency pulpotomy to remove the infected pulp from the teeth, so as to provide you with immediate pain relief, while the rest of the procedure of the root canal treatment can be performed under routine appointments during the business hours.

• Treatment of Traumatic Dental Injuries – traumatic tooth injuries are quite common among the children, as they tend to engage in outdoor contact sports, although they can also occur in the adults as a result of a direct impact or injury to the face. Sometimes, one or two teeth become mobile, while in other cases, they can get fractured. Any injury of the teeth must be immediately reported to the dentist, so as to prevent further infection that may even result in the loss of the tooth. You should immediately visit us if anyone in your family has an injury of teeth, face or the jaws.

• Dislodged Fillings – loss of a tooth filling can not only result in difficulty in eating and digesting your food, but it can also result in an infection as well as secondary caries of the tooth. You should immediately visit us, in case you have lost a tooth filling, so that it can be promptly repaired or replaced with a newer one.

• Broken Dentures – you are about to go out for a dinner, but you accidentally drop and break your dentures! What to do now? Don’t worry, simply return your dentures to us, and we will get them repaired in no time, so that you don’t have to face the embarrassment of going without your artificial teeth!

• Dislodged Crown or Bridge – although the dental appliances, such as the crowns or the bridges are firmly fixed to your teeth, they can still sometimes get dislodged. If that happens to you, then there is no need to worry, because they can be easily attached back to their place within minutes. If you have dislodged your crown or bridge, simply call us for an emergency appointment, and we will re-attach it back to its position!

• Treatment of Dental Infections – sometimes, infection of the facial region, such as an abscess or an infection of the salivary glands, if left untreated, can become life-threatening. If you are having a high grade fever, or you are experiencing difficulty in breathing, then you should immediately visit our dental office, so that the infection can be treated promptly by prescribing you with antibiotics, and by treating or extracting the tooth that caused the infection.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of dental care! If you are having any dental emergency, immediately call us at 972-242-6020 for an emergency appointment! In case it is a life-threating situation, don’t forget to call 911. At Cowboys dental, Emergency Dentist Farmers Branch, we care for you, are always available to solve your dental problems and provide you with emergency dental treatment in Farmers Branch TX, even after the business hours!

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