Wisdom Tooth Carrollton

Wisdom teeth removal is an essential aspect of dental health for both the present and the future. As an element of our comprehensive array of dental services, Dentist Carrollton can evaluate your wisdom teeth, advise a course of action, and complete some wisdom teeth extractions.

Why get your wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth are molars that typically develop between the ages of mid-teens to mid-twenties. With many cases, the problem is that a typical mouth may not have enough room for the extra teeth, which are the wisdom teeth. Normally, wisdom teeth removal is an helpful method of addressing any existing dental issues or to prevent any future difficulties for instance:

  • Crowding together, which may cause teeth to shift and come to be crooked
  • Gum tissue infections over the wisdom teeth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Damage to any of the bordering teeth and bone

Wisdom Tooth Removal & Healing Process

The wisdom tooth removal procedure is relatively clear-cut, based on how the molars have grown in. Initially, the gum tissue above the wisdom tooth is opened up and separated to enable accessibility to the tooth. Then, the tooth is loosened by which it is connected to the jaw and extracted. Lastly, the gum may very well be stitched up to aid in the healing process.

We do offer different options for sedation to make certain your wisdom tooth extraction is painless.

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